CSM9 Election Endorsements

CSM_BlackIt’s that time of the year again. The election starts tomorrow and unlike last year, this time I can stand by the sideline and observe everything from there. Personally, I think it’s important to have a CSM that consists of a good mix of different people. By that I don’t mean people coming from different areas of gameplay only, but also people that have different personalities and bring various skill sets (good writing for example) to the table. In addition to that, every new term should bring some new blood with it because I think it’s healthier for the overall process. It’s also one of the reasons why I am not running again. But since continuation is important as well, my following list is made up of CSM8 mates as well as new people.


1. Major JSilva

It should come to no surprise that – as an alliance mate – he has similar views of Nullsec & other stuff in EVE as me. Why he left for an inferior corp within PL that’s worse in EVE and DotA is still beyond me, but w/e :p. Other than that, he’s a nice guy like me!

2. Ali Aras

Ali really has been the biggest workforce during CSM8 and she has showed a lot of interest in all aspects of gameplay. Personally, I am quite impressed and I hope she gets elected again and gets one of the two permanent-attendee seats because she has really earned it.

3. mynnna

Like Ali, mynnna also got a lot of work done during the current term. I think he represented the Nullsec community well and even though he’s gonna get a seat again anyways, he’ll be my no. 3 as a show of appreciation.

4. Xander Phoena

Xander has proven to be a hard worker and I have no doubt he’ll continue to be one in case he gets elected. He is a nice guy as well and shows interest in just more than one area of gameplay. When it comes to player communication I think he would be one of the outstanding persons involved in that and it would be interesting to see how he does in CSM9. Hooray for new blood!

5. Sugar Kyle

While I think Mangala Solaris and me are what comes closest to “lowsec CSM” in the current term as we are the two spending the most time there, a proper lowsec representative is needed. Sugar Kyle seems like the person best suited to be that representative.

6. Mangala Solaris & 7. Mike Azariah

Mangala and Mike have been good workers in CSM8 like almost everyone else too. Mangala is from RvB and represents fun PvP in all areas, Mike represents overall high-sec.

8. progodlegend

Representing Fleet PvP and I think he has done a pretty good job in the last Winter Summit.

9. James Arget

Has done solid work during CSM8 and is the Wormhole candidate on this list.

10. Steve Ronuken

To be honest, I am not so certain if a 3rd Party app dev will get happy on the CSM. But I am still interested to see what that can lead to.


DNSBLACK has his haters, but I think he’s hilarious in his own way.

12. Jayne Fillon

Don’t agree with everything what he says, but still a true PvP candidate.


Hm… half of the list is made up of CSM8 incumbents but I think everyone of them damn deserved it.

However, no matter who gets in: While it can be sometimes frustrating to be on the CSM, it also is a lot of fun. You get to see a lot of stuff, hear funny stories about POS code, realize why the NDA is important, see expansions like you never have before and so on. In the meanwhile, I’ll just pick on someone in the Alumni channel, probably (hopefully) Xander :p. Good Luck!


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